Tak ładnie śpisz [You’re Sleeping Pretty]

Tak ładnie śpisz [You’re Sleeping Pretty]  is what a mother thinks as she watches over her child sleeping hooked up to a ventilator. Unable to fall asleep herself, and not wanting to think about the tangle of cables and the diodes blinking in the dark, she pictures her baby’s dreams, trying to guess what he or she sees behind closed eyes. Even though she rarely manages to find a moment’s rest at night herself, she hopes that those images will bring comfort to the helpless being in her care.

You’re sleeping so pretty
The rhythm of your breath
Tenderly traced on my skin

Connected to their ventilators, Ondine’s children breathe evenly at night. Watchful parents have to respond immediately to any irregularity. Though only one person is touched by Ondine’s curse, their loved ones are also deeply affected by her spell.

Zygmunt Konieczny music
Katarzyna Grzesiak lyrics
Agata Zubel vocal
Cezary Duchnowski piano, electronics, musical arrangement, mix, production
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded at Studio Złotówek7 in 2020