Song to the Siren

Like nymphs, nixies and mermaids, Ondine is a water spirit who brings doom to those who dare come too close to her. Ondine put a curse on her unfaithful lover. Świtezianka punished her beloved by turning his soul into a larch and casting his body into the depths of her lake. The rusalkas of Slavic mythology would come out in the new moon to lure young men into the water; those who touched them had to dance frenziedly until they died of exhaustion. Sirens called out to sailors, causing their ships to crash on the rocks.

Swim to me, swim to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you…

This version of Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett’s Song To The Siren, performed by Michał Pepol and Magdalena Cielecka, features the strikingly beautiful songs of whales in the wild.

Tim Buckley music, lyrics
Larry Beckett lyrics
Michał Pepol musical arrangement, cello
Magdalena Cielecka vocal
Leszek Kamiński recording, mix, mastering
Recorded at Polish Radio Studio S4 in 2020