Inspired by the Music of Quest Africa (Sukotherapy)

People have known about the healing properties of music since the dawn of time. They believed that sound could restore the body and the soul. Perhaps a remedy for Ondine’s curse might be found in the sounds of a Biłgoraj suka played alongside an Indian sarangi?

Inspired by the Music of Quest Africa is a next song by Maria Pomianowska recorded for her Sukotherapy project – a journey exploring the sounds of forgotten instruments (the previous one is Matulu moja (Sukotherapy) [Mother of Mine]  from Ondinata.Songs for Ondine).

Maria Pomianowska music, Biłgoraj suka
Karolina Hulbój cello
Sebastian Wypych double bass
Shaheen Parevez sarangi
Ryszard Wojciul processed sounds
Sylwia Nadgrodkiewicz tuning forks
Michał Kupicz recording, mix
Marcin Gajko mastering
Magdalena Piotrowska mastering
Recorded at "Brzmi Dobrze" studio in 2020
Comes form album by Maria Pomianowska "Sukotherapy” released in 2020 by For Tune

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