Polish CCHS Foundation “Lift the Curse” supports research for a CCHS cure and seeks to provide multifaceted assistance for CCHS patients and their parents.

The Foundation’s goals are to improve the standard of medical care and quality of life of CCHS patients and their families in Poland, to increase awareness of CCHS, and to build an international network for collaboration among patients, researchers, and health care providers.

Lift the Curse was founded in 2015 by Magda Hueckel, Tomasz Śliwiński and Anna Palusińska, determined parents who firmly believed they could change the world, that they could lift the curse not only for their children, but also for all who are affected by CCHS.

The Polish CCHS Foundation “Lift the Curse” works closely with French, German and Italian support groups for CCHS patients as well as with the American CCHS foundation (Magda Hueckel and Tomasz Śliwiński are its regional coordinators).

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