Senna Kołysanka [Sleepy-time Lullaby]

Senna Kołysanka [Sleepy-time Lullaby] by Tadeusz Woźniak and Bogdan Chorążuk comes from the 1970s musical fairy tale “Moominsummer Madness,” written first for theater then adapted for radio. The drama became one of the most important musical experiences of Gaba Kulka‘s childhood, and the artist returns to it as a mother in the project Ondinata. The musicians capture the menacing, unbridled, and amazing spirit of Tove Jansson’s prose. To record her version of Sleepy-time Lullaby, Kulka invited her friend and the only true Snufkin known to her, Wojtek Traczyk, to play the double bass, bass guitar, and stylophone.

The world of Moomins seems happy and safe. But there is danger lurking beneath its sunny surface. The fierce and uncanny undercurrent in Jansson’s prose draws us into the murky world where Ondine dwells. Her underwater realm also seems beautiful and serene, but a lover’s infidelity can soon turn it into a realm of despair. Ondine is romantic and beguiling but swift to avenge any slight. Sorrow and anger cause her to sink deeper into the inky depths and bring darkness to all those whom her curse touches.

Tadeusz Woźniak music
Bogdan Chorążuk lyrics
Gaba Kulka vocal, synthesizer, omnichord, shaker, music box, production
Wojtek Traczyk bass guitar, double bass, stylophone
Matylda Stajewska voice
Michał Kupicz mix
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded in 2020

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