Singer, composer, songwriter and co-owner of the KAYAX recording company.

She is one of the most recognisable and appreciated artists on the Polish music scene. A musically versatile artist, most often moving in the folk, pop, soul and jazz styles. The writer of many hits such as “Supermenka,” “Na językach,” “Testosteron,” “Prawy do lewego,” “Śpij Kochanie Śpij,” “Ramię w ramię,” “Po co” or the Christmas song “Ding Dong.”

She has been present on the music scene for over 25 years. She released her first original album “Kamień” in 1995. The album was well received by critics and the music industry as a whole. Since then, Kayah has released 10 albums showcasing her fascinations with folk, club, soul, jazz and even classical music. Her work also include the “MTV Unplugged” album, for which Kayah was the first artist from Central and Eastern Europe to be invited to record.

On her label KAYAX, Kayah promotes talented artists and the company has over 100 musical and literary publications.