Znaleźli dziecię u wody [They Found a Child on the Water]

Do not let the folk ballad Znaleźli dziecię u wody [They Found a Child on the Water]  lull you with its calm melody, hypnotic repetitions, and the fairy-tale setting. Like most ballads, it tells the story of a crime. A young mother left to her own devices is torn by extreme emotions which push her to the brink of despair.

Every parent has moments when they run up against a wall and just wants to leave, slam the door shut behind them, and abandon all their duties. Here the protagonist goes one step farther and decides to drown her baby. But the river’s treacherous waves won’t seal the baby’s fate. For once, the element is merciful.

based on a Kashubian folk song
Sebastian Wypych music, double bass, electronics
Ewa Drążkowska vocal
Marian Lech recording, mix
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded at Sonus Studio in 2019

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