In Asturiana, Anna Wandtke channels Spanish folk master Manuel de Falla. A musical postcard from old Asturia, the song is a sigh breathed by a sad and lonesome traveler who rests beneath a green pine tree in the hope of finding consolation.

From here on, Ondinata enters a new dimension: the stage of deep sleep. In its depths we shall encounter archetypes and explore the emotions and truth found in folk songs.

Manuel de Falla music (from Canciones Populares Españolas)
Anna Wandtke violin
Mirosław Feldgebel piano
Grzech Piotrowski duduk
Tadeusz Mieczkowski recording, mix, mastering
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded at Polish Radio Studio S2 in 2017
Come from the album by Anna Wandtke "Violin Soul" released in 2017 by DUX

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