Meredith opens with the hum of waves mixed with the soft tones of a guitar and seductive but ominous whispers. Is this the song of the siren which leads sailors astray?

Dream my baby in the foam of wave
Let your freedom be your grave

This is not the first time that the song has evoked the story of a water nymph. We heard it in the pivotal scene in Tomasz Śliwiński and Magda Hueckel‘s film, Ondine, when Cezary, who lives with CCHS, falls asleep without life-support equipment, and we do not know whether he will ever wake up again.

Obscure Sphinx music, lyrics
Zofia ‘Wielebna’ Fraś vocal
Michał 'blady' Rejman bass guitar
Mateusz 'Werbel' Badacz drums
Aleksander 'Olo' Łukomski guitar
Tomasz 'Yony' Jońca guitar
Jan Galbas recording
Kuba Mańkowski mix, mastering, recording
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded at Sounds Great Promotion Studio
Come from album by Obscure Sphinx "Void Mother" (2013)
© 2013 Obscure Sphinx