Ondine’s Lake

The landscape conjured by Wacław Zimpel & Holly Hock is windy, frosty, and dead. Exhausted we walk upon the frozen waters of Ondine’s Lake.

I’m standing on the frozen lake.
The ice will break…

At the very limit of your strength, you desperately call for help, hoping things will change for the better. Instead, you fall under a new blow, which comes out of nowhere and is thus twice as painful. The burden on your shoulders is too heavy to bear. The ice crackles under your feet. You fall into the depths, step down into Hades… Only to bounce back off the bottom and experience the long-awaited change. The ice on the lake will break and thaw, and spring will bloom upon Persephone’s return. You will be reborn. The sun will rise at the break of dawn, a medical breakthrough will occur, prospects will improve, test results will be good, your condition will stabilise, the medication will prove effective.

Wacław Zimpel & Holly Hock music, production
Holly Hock lyrics, vocal
Wacław Zimpel clarinet, tape delays, recording, miks
Marcin Gajko mastering