Kołysanka oddychanka [Lullaby to Breathe Alive]

Kołysanka oddychanka [Lullaby to Breathe Alive], sung by KAYAH, brings us face to face with sleep personified.

Through woodlands, through wild fields, on a piebald horse
Your sweet Dream keeps riding fast

This is surely what we have in mind when we tuck our children in at night and wish them sweet dreams. Yet, as soon as they fall asleep, children with Ondine’s come up against a sinister, cold-hearted spirit who threatens their very lives. If they are ever to wake from their sweet dreams, they must be kept safe. Breath-a-bye rocks children to sleep and watches over them so that the fairy-tale vision doesn’t become a nightmare.

My sweetheart, if you dream this fantastic dream
In which you’re astride a horse, rushing
Please, keep on riding forward, ride at full speed
Don’t you stop on your pathway,
Don’t you stop inside… your dream.

Jerzy Maksymiuk music
Jacek Cygan lyrics
KAYAH vocal
Anna Wandtke violin
Sebastian Wypych double bass
Jacek Subociałło piano
Tadeusz Mieczkowski recording
Marcin Gajko mix, mastering
Recorded at Polish Radio Studio S4 in 2021