All the Pretty Little Horses

All the Pretty Little Horses, performed here by Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, is a classic American lullaby which has had many versions and arrangements over the centuries. Considered to be of African-American origin, it was first sung by slave women who could not take care of their babies because they were too busy taking care of their masters’ children.

Parents of children living with Ondine’s curse are no strangers to the pain that separation brings. For the first few months, they cannot even hold their babies to feed, nurse or simply cuddle them. In the daytime, they watch them through the glass walls of the incubator, and at night they go back home, where an empty bed awaits in the corner of the nursery.

Other version of this song, performed by Current 93 and Nick Cave was part of the soundtrack of the short documentary film about CCHS by Tomasz Śliwinski “The Curse” (2011), which was sort of prequel to “Our Curse”(2013).

ATTENTION! This is a different version than Little Horses, available on our teaser album.

based on traditional American lullaby
Joanna Halszka Sokołowska vocal, keyboards
Hubert Zemler drums
Bartłomiej Tyciński guitar
Magda Gajdzica vocal / choir
Adam Chabiera vocal / choir
Jasiek Wroński recording, mix
Marcin Gajko mastering
Recorded at Woobie Doobie Studio in Sulejówek in 2020