fot. Joanna Draszawka

Odłam Źdźbło

Musicians: Aśka Borof, Agnieszka Błonkiewicz, Anna Moroz-Darska, Anna Niechwiadowicz

Performative female quartet founded by Aśka Borof. The group is interested in folk culture and music and explores the secrets of natural singing.

The aim of Odłam Źdźbło (in English – Section Culm) is to present old customs and rituals in a new, poetic way. A gesture, prop, movement or sound is a pretext for expressing emotions, showing a story. The songs in the repertoire are about everyday life, death, betrayal, love and violence – themes that concerned our ancestors as well as us today. The subject of the research are Ukrainian, Russian and Siberian polyphonic songs. Costume is an important element of the quartet’s work. Stitched old tablecloths, yellowed sheets and doilies are given new life.