New music video – Lullaby for Ondine

With great pleasure we would like to share our second music video “Lullaby for Ondine” is a very special song, because the rhythm is played by the medical equipment of a CCHS patient (pulseoximeter, oxygen concentrator, ventilator, diaphragm pacers).

It was written specially for us by Sebastian Wypych to the words by Jacek Cygan, beautifully sung by Ania Karwan accompanied by Michał Salamon playing on piano. We strongly encourage you to watch this video and share it with as many people as possible, so that we can raise awareness about CCHS.

From album: : ONDINATA.Friends for Ondine. Polish version available on album: ONDINATA. Songs for Ondine. All proceeds from sales of the album will go directly to support research for the cure for Ondine’s curse (CCHS).


Jacek Cygan – lyrics
Sebastian Wypych – music, double bass, electronics, percussion
Ania Karwan – vocal
Michał Salamon – piano
Arad Emamgholi – daf
Leo Hueckel – Śliwiński – breath
Oliwka Zielińska – breath
Zdzisław Zabierzewski – translation
Marian Lech – recording, mix
Magdalena Piotrowska – mastering
In this recording you can hear sounds of medical equipment of a CCHS patient (pulseoximeter, ventilator, diaphragm pacer, oxygen concentrator)
℗ & © 2022 Polska Fundacja CCHS „Zdejmij Klątwę” / Polish CCHS Foundation “Lift the curse”
Includes excerpts from film OUR CURSE
written and directed by Tomasz Śliwiński
cinematography Tomasz Śliwiński, Magda Hueckel
editing Justyna Król, Tomasz Śliwiński
produced by Warsaw Film School © 2013 Warsaw Film School
Includes excerpts from private video archives of CCHS children from all over the world, thanks to kind permission of their parents.
CAST : Ania Karwan , Leo Hueckel-Śliwiński , Magda Hueckel , Sebastian Wypych
VIDEO EDITING: Tomasz Śliwiński
℗ & © 2023 Polska Fundacja CCHS “Zdejmij Klątwę” / Polish CCHS Foundation “Lift the curse”

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